When your organization needs to deploy one or several professionals temporarily, secondment can be one of the best solutions. For example, when employees or managers from your regular workforce are absent due to illness or because they are on leave. But also when you have a temporary need for additional capacity, for instance during projects or economic developments, the approach used by TMC Consultancy as a secondment agency can be the solution.

What is secondment?
In short, secondment is the “renting out” of professionals to a third party. Secondment agencies are organizations that not only find and introduce the candidate but also employ them. These organizations not only want to find the best possible candidates. Their goal is also to employ these candidates, preferably for a longer period. In that case, it is to be expected that they invest in their employees by offering schooling, training programs, and personal development trajectories. Secondment agencies need to match the skills and experiences of their seconded employees to the market demands as best as possible. Recruiting the right candidates is just the first step, which is why it plays a crucial role in the secondment of a candidate.

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