Recruitment & Selection


Are you looking for a new colleague for a permanent position within your company? We are here to help you with the recruitment & selection of the right professionals. Our extensive network enables us to introduce potential candidates quickly. Experts who match perfectly with you and your organization. Your request and needs are our starting point.

What is Recruitment & Selection?
Recruitment & Selection, also called Recruitment, is the process of contacting, selecting, and introducing the best-qualified candidate for the vacancy the client needs to fill. You can use a recruitment agency to find the right candidate for the vacancy. The recruitment agency is paid for finding suitable prospective candidates. Various recruitment agencies focus on, mostly, specialist niche markets, while other agencies focus on specific industries and professional areas. Some agencies, for example, are specialized in finding CEOs and CFOs. Their job is done once they have selected and introduced a certain number of candidates who will then be personally introduced at the agency's client.

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