TMC - Consultancy wants to stand out in the area of consultancy. Our goal is to be the best. To achieve that, TMC Consultancy applies the meaning of consultancy very broadly. It can include Recruitment & Selection, secondment, global sourcing, and all kinds of other ways of contract mediation between professionals and organizations. As a service provider, we offer our clients flexible capacity solutions. Let us explain in more detail how this process works.

Temporary staffing, recruitment, or secondment? There are many ways to deploy (temporary) professionals. So first we will explain the differences between temporary staffing, recruitment, secondment, and employment.

What is temporary staffing?
On one side of the spectrum, there are the job agencies. They provide temporary staffing, people who are often practically trained but not necessarily specialized in their fields. The job agency intermediaries try to match an employer with the suitable job seeker, so with the right candidate for the job. This can be done for part-time jobs, temporary commissions, full-time projects, holiday work, and traineeships.

What is recruitment?
Recruitment, also called Recruitment & Selection, is the process of contacting, selecting, and introducing the best-qualified candidate for the vacancy the client needs to fill. You can use a recruitment agency to find the right candidate for the vacancy. The recruitment agency is paid for finding suitable prospective candidates. Various recruitment agencies focus on, mostly, specialist niche markets, while other agencies focus on specific industries and professional areas. Some agencies, for example, are specialized in finding CEOs and CFOs. Their job is done once they have selected and introduced a certain number of candidates who will then be personally introduced at the agency's client.

What is secondment?
In short, secondment is the “renting out” of professionals to a third party. Secondment agencies are organizations that not only find and introduce the candidate but also employ them. These organizations not only want to find the best possible candidates. Their goal is also to employ these candidates, preferably for a longer period. In that case, it is to be expected that they invest in their employees by offering schooling, training programs, and personal development trajectories. Secondment agencies need to match the skills and experiences of their seconded employees to the market demands as best as possible. Recruiting the right candidates is just the first step, which is why it plays a crucial role in the secondment of a candidate.

Where does TMC Consultancy fit in within this spectrum?
In short, we are an all-round agency, but TMC Consultancy is most of all a secondment agency. Therefore, TMC Consultancy specializes in the area of strategic functions and only recruits when we have been commissioned to fill a specific function profile. As we focus particularly on these specialist functions, we can better focus on this field of expertise. We do this by organizing targeted activities such as annual sessions with presentations given by leading names in the specific industries.

What does our Strategy Consultant do?
Our Strategy consultants are hired by our customers, to support them in strategic decision making. This includes matters like the development of strategies, and up to a certain point the execution of these plans as well. Seeing as making strategic decisions falls within the responsibility of CxOs and (senior) managers, strategy consultants often work with the management and top management of organizations. This way, strategic advisors can help companies define their vision, mission and strategy, or help them enter new markets or adjust their business models.

Governments and public institutions request the help of strategy consultants to plan their economic policies, and in case of mergers and takeovers, strategy consultants can give advice regarding the strategic elements of the M&A process, such as establishing an M&A strategy, executing commercial due diligence, creating business cases for mergers and takeovers, and designing a roadmap for the integration of companies that will be merged together.

Furthermore, strategy consultants also work on strategies for all the important business segments. For example, strategy advisors will sometimes be asked to draft commercial strategies for the sales & marketing department, with strategic advice on pricing, consumer channels and product market combination. For HR, strategy consultants can contribute with human capital strategies and business cases for talent management, while for the operations department, strategic advisors are asked to draft operational models and connect these to goals on a higher level within the organization.

With the rise of digital resources and technology as a determining factor within strategies, or according to some essential distinguishing factors in the modern era, over the past few years digital strategy has become a large professional area within the strategy consulting segment. Digital strategy consultants help customers create IT strategies and plans to implement technology in the company strategy, and aside from that they help make sure that company departments are in an ideal position to start working with the new systems, tools and high-end IT architecture.

At our company, we have specialists on all possible fronts of Strategy Consulting:

* Corporate Strategy *
* Business Model Transformation *
* Economic Policy *
* Mergers & Acquisitions *
* Organisational Strategy *
* Functional Strategy *
* Strategy & Operations *
* Digital Strategy *

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