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1. Definitions and scope
The following definitions and scope apply:
1.1 the organization
TMC Consultancy B.V.
1.2 the complainant
The party whose interest is directly affected by the organization’s conduct.
1.3 conduct
The action or neglect by the organization or its employees.
1.4 the defendant
The organization against whose conduct the complainant submitted a complaint.
1.5 a complaint
A written complaint about the conduct of the defendant.
1.6 the complaints committee
The committee authorized to deal with the complaints at second instance.
1.7 an appeal
A written complaint against a decision taken by a Managing Director, against the absence of a Managing Director's decision, or against the conduct of a Managing Director.

2. Scope
These regulations apply to the handling of complaints about the conduct of TMC Consultancy and its employee(s).

3. Manner of submission
1. A complainant or its representative can submit a complaint with the Managing Director of the organization that displayed the conduct.
2. A complaint must be signed and include at least the following details:
- the complainant’s name and address;
- the date;
- a description of the conduct about which the complaint is made;
- the grounds based on which the complainant submits the complaint.
3. If the complaint lacks the required information and details listed in the second paragraph of this article, then the Managing Director will inform the complainant of this fact and offer the complainant the opportunity to complete or correct the complaint within two weeks.
4. The complaint will not be addressed if the complainant fails to correct the complaint as described in the third paragraph of this article.

4. Submission deadline
Complaints must be submitted within six weeks from the date on which the referred conduct has taken place.

5. Free handling
No costs will be charged for handling complaints.

6. Confirmation of receipt
The Managing Director will send a confirmation of receipt within two weeks after having received the complaint.

Within two weeks of receipt of the complaint, the Managing Director will also send a copy of the complaint to the Dienst Justis (Justice Service) of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

8. Oral procedure
1. The organization's Managing Director will investigate the complaint and invite the complainant for a personal consultation.
2. The Managing Director will hear the complainant and may acquire information about the issue from third parties.

9. Written procedure
1. If the complainant does not wish to be heard in person, the complaint will be handled in writing.
2. The complaint will not be handled if the complaint does not comply with the requirements stipulated in article 3.

10. Decision
The Managing Director will decide on the complaint within six weeks after receipt.

11. Decision in writing
The complainant will receive the decision on the complaint in writing.

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