People say that the things that are worthwhile are never easy. We have had the occasional bumps in the road, like any other successful business. But even if we could have avoided them, we would not have chosen to do so. Why not? Because it has been a journey that has taught us a lot and it allowed us to test our services in real-life situations, and so our clients benefit from our long-standing experience.


The employment market is in constant movement. We can see the main trends that cause this movement all around us. Ageing, globalization, technological developments, and social media. Compared to previous generations, people think very differently about their careers and work these days. Plenty of people no longer have the ambition to secure a job for life. Furthermore, the government plays an increasingly smaller role in determining the personal work situation.

As a result, the need for flexible solutions for work and working increases. And this applies to both lower and higher educated staff, temporary and permanent jobs, larger and smaller companies. In the long term, the market for HR services will continue to grow significantly.

Our mission is to develop the world of employment. We do this for everyone involved: our clients, candidates, employees, and society as a whole. Around the world and certainly in the Netherlands, our home base.

The biggest part of our effort is in being the most reliable consultancy bureau. We prove our reliability by sharing our knowledge and skills with our clients, so that they can arrange their own lives the way they want to. We have recorded the major pillars for this in our innovation agenda.


Our people
All our professionals share specific qualities and core values. They are ambitious, professional, result-oriented, and love a challenge. Our company culture is truly exceptional thanks to our greatest asset: our people. With their professionalism, passion, and ambition they all contribute in their own unique way. Our identity is based on entrepreneurship and professionalism.

Our services
We are convinced that our excellent services make us stand out among our competitors. We focus on exceptionally high quality and in-depth knowledge of the markets and industries we work in. This is reflected in the fact that we put your ambition first and actively offer our professional input.


TMC Consultancy is a socially committed organization, which is why we are a member of SDG Nederland ( With our sustainable business, we work hard to make the world a little more future-proof. This means that taking care of people and our society is part of our daily work. We also give a lot of thought to the impact of our business activities on the environment and to our responsibility in the chain.

Contribution to SDG'S 
Since 2015, the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations have been a global agenda, to end poverty, inequality and climate change. TMC Consultancy has chosen three goals that we make evident contributions to through our business activities and strategy.

‘Decent work and economic growth’ (SDG 8) and ‘Partnership for the goals’ (SDG 17) are directly related at TMC Consultancy, and are interwoven in our mission, which is to develop the world of work. We do this together with our partners, for everyone who has something to do with work: our customers, candidates, employees and society in general. Everywhere in the world, and especially in our domestic market in the Netherlands.

It’s not a coincidence that the color green is an important part of our logo. We actively contribute to ‘Climate Action’ (SDG 13) by limiting the footprint of our own business practices, and stimulating others to do the same (more often) as well.

The SDGs that we have chosen, are part of the core values of our organization, as well as our ethical compass.

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